What is Myardage?

"What is this fancy looking app, and what are those numbers for?", I bet you're asking yourself right about now.

Well, let me tell you. They're your numbers. Literally. They're the numbers that have been monkeying around with your game of golf for as long as you've been playing, but you've never known how. They're the numbers that you always thought you knew, but could never figure out why they were never quite right. They're the numbers that are going to change your game of golf forever- precisely because they're your actual carry distances- calculated in realtime by Myardage to reflect your local weather conditions and current altitude.

"But I already know how far my driver and irons go!", I hear you say.

That might be true, but they're likely only valid for a certain set of environmental conditions at a specific altitude. If you golf the most during the summer in warm weather with nary a cloud in sight, then that's likely what your memorized carry distances are based upon. What happens if the weather suddenly shifts towards a cooler temperament? What happens if you're playing golf in another city or half way around the world? The carry distances you know by heart are still valid for your favourite time of year back at home, but they no longer apply to your current location or altitude.

"Okay, so what exactly does this app do for me?"

In short, Myardage is the first and only mobile application designed to tell you exactly how the temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and altitude all affect the carry distances of your golf clubs. Calculating this information used to be a guessing game based on rules of thumb or notes scribbled down from empirical observation. Myardage is the world's first solution that allows you determine just how far or short your clubs are going to carry under virtually any environmental conditions imaginable. Just let the app automatically manage weather updates for you (based on your current location) and be confident you'll always know exactly how far your ball is going to go, or optionally override any of the current conditions to see exactly how each of them can influence the distance of your shots.


Incredibly crisp and easy to read numbers

Some applications bury the information you need the most behind multiple UI pages or tabs. Not Myardage. We provide you with the information you want in a single no-bullshit list that effortlessly scrolls up or down at the flick of your thumb. Clubs can be assigned a variety of different colours and reorganized within the list, so you always know exactly what you're looking at- even if it's just a quick glance before you tee up on the first hole.

Powered by an ultra precise 64-bit calculation core

Myardage was carefully written to provide you with the most accurate numbers possible and calculate those numbers at a blazingly fast speed. We know you don't want to be standing around on the fairway waiting for some mobile app to make up it's mind, so Myardage does everything it can to offer you up-to-date information as quickly as possible.

Includes defaults for all standard clubs

Myardage needs to know a few things about your clubs before it can calculate your numbers. Since not everyone knows the exact technical specifications of their equipment, Myardage ships with a wide variety of default clubs to get you started right out of the box.

Customize your clubs for even more accuracy

If you're using customized equipment or you just want to dial in your numbers a little bit more, Myardage will let you do that. All clubs can be customized- and clubs that were based off a default club can even be toggled between your custom specs and the default specs of the original club for comparison purposes.

User configurable units for nearly everything

Fahrenheit or celsius? Meters or feet? Kilopascals or Inches of mercury? We've got you covered. Myardage includes user configurable units for the temperature, altitude, barometer, humidity, and any distances entered. Furthermore, Myardage will automatically convert any information you have already entered into the relevant unit upon changing your unit preferences.

Automatic weather and altitude updates

Don't know what the weather is outside? Not sure what your current altitude is? On supported devices with a GPS receiver and data plan, Myardage can automatically determine your local weather conditions and altitude. This information is kept up to date as often as possible so you always have the most accurate numbers for your carry distances on hand. Don't want to use the automatic weather updates or want to temporarily override a single value? Myardage will let you do that as well, which is especially handy for seeing how a certain shift in weather can affect the flight of your golf ball.


"The app saves me a ton of time prepping for events. Before I started using the app, I would have to calculate different carry distances for all my clubs at different tournament venues. If there was any wind in the practice round it would make it really tough to get 100% dialed and confident. Now with myardage I already have a great foundation to start every week at; whether it's at sea level in Vancouver, or at elevation in Denver"
- Jared Du Toit 2017 Canadian Player of the Year / Mackenzie Tour-PGA Tour Canada
"I use the Myardage app every time I play to make sure I know my numbers. By eliminating guessing, I am primed on the first tee to play with confidence!"
- Kevin Carrigan, top ranked amateur golfer from Victoria, B.C.
"The Myardage app took six years to develop and complete it's long list of features. The result is a lot of value for a small fee. We tested it recently and found it easy to use, and a keeper as far as golf apps are concerned."
- Flagstick.com
"The Myardage App is the real deal. It ain’t no gimmick."
- Dylan Bell Victoria B.C. Amateur Champion 2016

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