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  • "The app saves me a ton of time prepping for events. Before I started using the app, I would have to calculate different carry distances for all my clubs at different tournament venues. If there was any wind in the practice round it would make it really tough to get 100% dialed and confident. Now with myardage I already have a great foundation to start every week at; whether it's at sea level in Vancouver, or at elevation in Denver"
    - Jared Du Toit 2017 Canadian Player of the Year / Mackenzie Tour-PGA Tour Canada
  • "I use the Myardage app every time I play to make sure I know my numbers. By eliminating guessing, I am primed on the first tee to play with confidence!"
    - Kevin Carrigan, top ranked amateur golfer from Victoria, B.C.
  • "The Myardage app took six years to develop and complete it's long list of features. The result is a lot of value for a small fee. We tested it recently and found it easy to use, and a keeper as far as golf apps are concerned."
    - Flagstick.com
  • "The Myardage App is the real deal. It ain’t no gimmick."
    - Dylan Bell Victoria B.C. Amateur Champion 2016
  • - Mac McLeod 2017 PGA of BC Teacher of the Year
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Four yards too far and you're in the water. Two yards short and you're in the bunker. You thought your three iron would get you onto the green, but today you're in the drink. How did that happen? Why did you miss?

The game of golf is influenced by many invisible elements outside of our perception and control. Environmental variables such as the temperature, altitude, barometric pressure and humidity all play a critical role in determining how far or how short your ball ultimately carries. Devices like a handheld GPS or laser rangefinder will tell you how far you've got to get in the hole or to a target, but they won't tell you how far your golf clubs will travel today at home or tomorrow at a foreign golf course.

Myardage is the first and only golf application for iOS that lets you determine just how little or how much these variables are going to affect your game- even before you approach the first tee box. Your golf ball will fly considerably further on a hot and humid day then it will on a cold and dry day. Your golf ball will fly even further if you're playing at a higher altitude then you usually do. How far used to be anybody's guess- but not anymore.

Enter in your club carry distances and the conditions that existed when you shot those distances, and Myardage does the rest. On devices with GPS and an available data plan, Myardage will automatically determine your elevation (altitude) and current weather conditions, then update your golf club distances accordingly. If your device lacks a GPS receiver or data plan, then simply enter in your current altitude and weather conditions manually and Myardage will calculate your new club distances.

Maybe you're playing at a foreign golf club in a different city, or maybe you're playing at home during a different time of the year. Maybe the weather has taken a turn for the worse and a thunder storm is rolling in, or you're trying to get a game in right after a large storm. All these scenarios can influence one or more of the four variables Myardage tracks- temperature, altitude, barometric pressure and humidity. And each of those variables impacts the distance your clubs will carry- so why leave it to chance?

If you're serious about the game of golf, then you need serious information about how the environment impacts your distances. Myardage reveals four of the most impacting yet invisible variables that influence your game, so you can compensate accordingly and play with confidence on every shot.

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